Welcome to the course blog for GWSS 3004: Contemporary Feminist Debates. While this blog is primarily for participants in the course, it is open to anyone for reading and engaging. 

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Can't remember how to blog? Download this checklist. Or review the entry How to blog, a primer. You can also check this category: How to Blog/Tweet. Throughout the semester, I will be posting entries with various tips/strategies for blogging and using twitter. Want more information about twitter? Download this checklist

When reading the blog:
Why should you blog?

Having used blogs in my courses for over four years now, I see how valuable they can be for: 
  • Developing community between students 
  • Enabling students to engage with the material and each other in different ways 
  • Encouraging students to really think about and process the ideas 
  • Helping all of us to organize our thoughts and ideas 
  • Providing a central location for posting information and handouts 
  • Allowing for a space outside of the classroom for engaging with the readings and each other 
I am hopeful that engaging with the course blog will provide us with another space in which to connect and continue conversations that we didn't finish/weren't able to start during class time. Want to know more about why I blog? Check out my blog posts here and here

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