Welcome to the course blog for GWSS 1002: Politics of Sex! While this blog is primarily for participants in the course, it is open to anyone for reading and engaging. Make sure to read through this welcome page carefully; I have provided many different links to important information. Use it as a reference guide throughout the semester. Many of your questions about blogging, assignments, etc. will be answered on this page and/or the syllabus and assignment pages. 

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Can't remember how to blog? Download this checklist. Or review the entry How to blog, a primer. You can also check this category: How to Blog/Tweet. Throughout the semester, I will be posting entries with various tips/strategies for blogging and using twitter. Also, here's a handout with advice on using twitter. 

When reading the blog:
Why should you blog?
Having used blogs in my courses for over four years now, I see how valuable they can be for: 
  • Developing community between students 
  • Enabling students to engage with the material and each other in different ways 
  • Encouraging students to really think about and process the ideas 
  • Helping all of us to organize our thoughts and ideas 
  • Providing a central location for posting information and handouts 
  • Allowing for a space outside of the classroom for engaging with the readings and each other 
I am hopeful that engaging with the course blog will provide us with another space in which to connect and continue conversations that we didn't finish/weren't able to start during class time. Want to know more about why I blog? Check out my blog posts here and here

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