Welcome to the course blog for GWSS/GLBT 4403: Queering Theory! While this blog has been developed for participants in the course, it is open to anyone for reading and engaging. 

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ABOUT THE COURSE: In this upper level seminar we will use the work of Judith Butler as our focal point for tracing multiple practices of queering theory and mapping the shifting terrain of the term "queer" and its role within critical sexuality studies. After beginning with the investigation of some preliminary questions--What is queering theory? and Who is Judith Butler?--we will spend the rest of the course engaging in practices of queering through, beside and against Butler. 

Drawing upon readings by Butler and putting them into conversation with a wide range of important queer thinkers (Foucault, Halberstam, Sedgwick,Allison, Munoz, Anzalduá and more), we will explore some terms/concepts that are central to understanding and engaging in queering theory: 1. Gender, 2. the Abject, 3. Resistance, 4. Precariousness, 5. Norms and 6. Trouble (being in it, making it and staying in it). 

Some questions that will come up this semester include:  

  1. Is queer theory a matter of doing or being? Can it be both? 
  2. What is queer/ing pedagogy? 
  3. (How) can engaging with blogs and twitter enable class members to queer academic spaces and academic work? 
  4. Is Butler a "bad writer" or a difficult writer? What (if anything) is important about distinguishing between bad and difficult writing? 
  5. What are the political and ethical possibilities of queering theory? 
  6. What can queer theory do with norms (besides rejecting them)? 
  7. What does is mean to be in, make and stay in trouble? 
  8. What is the queer art of failure?

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